Prudence and Madness

Who is Prudence?

Physician by day, writer by night. Dreamer all the time.

Pessimist by nature

Self-professed Drama Queen.

Cat lover. Has a soft spot for furry animals.

Pasta Master wannabe. Pasta Monster too. (Do I hear lasagna?)

Cheese addict.

Inconsistent vegetarian.

Likes waking up late. (I?m starting to sound like Garfield?)

Greatest fear: Sadako. Second greatest fear: Barney

Craves philosophical and historical knowledge.

Perpetually in search for the perfect blog skin.

Smoking history: 1 pack per occasion.

Prefers Vodka and Tequila.

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Tess Termulo, a.k.a. Prudence, is a 20-something general practitioner of medicine, currently moonlighting in the Philippines as ER physician and HMO doctor. She graduated from UST College of Medicine last 2004 and finished her internship year at Dr. Victor Potenciano Medical Center (formerly known as Polymedic Hospital). She is a licensed physician since September 2005. She wants to be a specialist in Internal Medicine, preferably in Endocrine Medicine. For now, she spends most of her time working in the hospital and HMO clinic, reading Ayn Rand books, going to the gym, and blogging.

As to the reason why there is a mix of medical and non-medical (personal, philosophical, entertainment, etcetera) entries in this blog, she says, “my life has many facets which are not limited to the subject of my profession. I read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, and sometimes nonsense tabloids. I watch, laugh and cry at movies. I go out and have fun with friends. I argue with people. I embrace knowledge and reason. Doctors are human, too. Just like you.

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The End Of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris (I’ve bought and read this already! 🙂 )

Sam Harris cranks out blunt, hard-hitting chapters to make his case for why faith itself is the most dangerous element of modern life. And if the devil’s in the details, then you’ll find Satan waiting at the back of the book in the very substantial notes section where Harris saves his more esoteric discussions to avoid sidetracking the urgency of his message…

2000 Years Of Disbelief: Famous People With The Courage To Doubt by James A. Haught

The English speaking world rarely acknowledges the many and varied gifts that “disbelievers” have bestowed upon humanity. Churchmen generally contend that great figures in history, such as America’s founders, were conventional believers. But author James A. Haught demonstrates that this just isn’t true. In 2000 Years Of Disbelief: Famous People With The Courage To Doubt, he offers a spirited collection of biographical sketches and choice quotations to set the record straight — intelligent, educated people tend to doubt the supernatural.

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