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Blogblast For Peace: November 7, 2007
October 26, 2007, 19:37
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With the many issues that we need to fight for, I believe it is for peace that we should be always vigilant for, whatever reasons we have for making it our cause.This woman just got inspired to make a movement for peace, Blogblast for Peace, by memories of a single plane crashing on a New York building and then by her father’s old marbles.

Mimi Lennox of Mimi Writes is the founder of the Peace Globe Movement. I think it started last year November 7, 2006, when she encouraged people to post photos of globes inscribed with their names or their messages as a protest that we really ought to work for peace in a chaotic world.

Some people may have criticized her for being whimsical in pushing for this. What could posting photos of globes on blogs do anyway? We are already aware of how much this world hungers for peace. What can this movement accomplish?

I believe that if you really are fighting for something worthwhile, no matter how small the gesture, it should be encouraged. It’s Mimi’s and other Peace Globe bloggers’ contribution to the quest for peace. Some action is better than no action at all.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll put a globe on my blog on November 7. But, yes, I believe that this movement is worth a little post.

To know more about Mimi Lennox, listen to this interview of her by Doctor Anonymous.


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Hi. Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your thoughts on peace and the movement. You’re absolutely right. All these “small gestures” mean quite a lot. Even one voice for peace is a start.
I don’t pay attention to the criticism anymore. Everytime I see a peace globe fly into my mailbox I get inspired all over again. I hope you will join us on Wednesday. It’s such a lovely place to be and I am so thankful to have the freedom to speak peace.

Comment by Mimi Lenox

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