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Tagaytay Vacation and How We Beat Liquor Ban
October 30, 2007, 12:57
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It was last Sunday that my high school friends (my barkada) and I went to Tagaytay for our second vacation for the year. Though at first we’ve decided on going to Pundaquit, Zambales, there had to be a change of plans because of some work schedule restrictions. Maybe next year we can have a lengthier vacation in a more far-away place. But our Tagaytay trip, though it’s only near Manila, is still one of our most enjoyable ones.


And yes, it was another adventure because it will be my first time public commuting to Tagaytay. Feeling turista!

I thought it was going to be difficult, with us coming from Bulacan and then public commuting up to Tagaytay. Actually, it wasn’t. Add to that the fact that most people are just at home because of the upcoming Barangay Elections.

From Bulacan, we rode the FX (actually it’s a Revo) to MRT North EDSA station. We took the train and got off at the end of the line which is Taft station. At the foot of the stairs going down from the MRT platform, there’s a bus terminal. See? It’s easy, right? And what made things easier was that the bus stops right in front of the subdivision where the house where we’ll be staying is.

And another surprise for me: the bus fare going to Tagaytay from Pasay is only P73! Now why was that a surprise for me? Because the fare going to Bulacan from North EDSA MRT station is about P45 and that’s via the NLEX. Comparing the distance and time traveled, I thought the bus fare to Tagaytay would have been more than P100. And so it’s good news, right? Also the bus wasn’t the rickety type you see along EDSA. It was comfortable with good airconditioning and TV and the seats are CLEAN (no crawling creepy cockroaches!). My only regret at that time was that I forgot to bring my earphones. The movie didn’t play until we were more than halfway through our trip and the driver was playing oldies tunes.

We got to Tagaytay at around 10:30 A.M. The weather was cool and I really love the cloudy skies and the temperature. We dropped off our stuff in the house where we’re staying. It’s a house that has been borrowed by Chisse (Herbert’s girlfriend) from her aunt. And look at it! Isn’t it adorable?


That’s my friend, Serj, having his morning ciggie break.

The house reminded us of how a hobbit house (only bigger) so from now on, we nicknamed it “Hobbit House” (okay, don’t worry, we’ll think of a more creative name for it).


It’s a house spacious enough for a group of 6. And adorable as it is, it’s also a bit creepy inside.


Now, look at that. Doesn’t that remind you of a scene from the Ring? Doesn’t it look like as if someone’s going to suddenly pop up behind his back? It’s a mirror at the boys’ bedroom, thank goodness! There’s also a closet that looks like something that came from the Grudge movie (sorry, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it).

Well, what’s a vacation without a creepy house anyway? Yeah, we like it that it’s creepy but nobody slept upstairs. Hahaha.

After cleaning the house, we left our bags there and went off to visit the Our Lady of Manaoag Church.


Side comment: Now, you bad, bad Serj. You forgot your big, real camera! Now we have to shoot photos using camera phones. Ugh. Oh okay, Herbert and Chisse have cybershot cameras. But how’s that compared to your Nikon?

It’s just a small church, actually. I’m not religious so I don’t really see the point of having to go there, but some of my friends are. And okay, I’m feeling turista so I just have to go there so I could say I visited the place. Haha.

However, I think we only went to Tagaytay for the food and the booze.

Right after the Manaoag visit, we went straight to RSM for lunch. And we’re a bunch of hungry bears! And there are lots of people dining so we had to wait for a table for 6 people become available. But the wait was worth it. Last time I remembered coming to that place was when I was still in medical school and I very well remember how savory the bulalo is.


Oooppppssss! Sorry, hands were shaking because of hunger.

And no photo of the bulalo soup. We’ve already attacked it before I was able to take a photo of it. That’s the difficulty in taking photos of food. You have to resist the urge to devour the food before you can take a photo of it.


See how hungry we were? Food was gone in a matter of minutes!

We took some more photos and you can see them here at my multiply site.

On our way home, we decided that we should screw liquor ban (because it’s trying to screw our vacation) and attempt to buy liquor from the stores around the place, since we cannot buy from the near 7-11 convenience store because of the group of army soldiers stationed in front of it. So we went walking around the rotonda and found a grocery store. And as if devil is there, a whole tall shelf of wines and liquors are to be seen in front of the store. We bought some groceries (chips, dishwashing materials, coffee, water, and ice) and asked the cashier if we could buy some Baileys and Chivas. The cashier being the almost elderly that she is vehemently refused to and pointed to the poster that is inside the store about the liquor ban during election period.

Okay, so we got out of the store with our groceries and continued looking around for other stores. There were none. The only place left was the wines and spirits store right across the rotonda. We gauged that the soldiers won’t be able to see us anyway because of the small monument in the middle of the road (and it’s also a bit of stupidity in their part because why were they all guarding the 7-11 store when there’s a wines & spirits store conveniently located on the opposite side?). Ram, Serj, and I went inside the liquor store while Ronald, Chisse, and Herbert went home ahead of us, carrying the groceries.

The liquor store was like heaven. We couldn’t even decide at first what liquor to buy because we wanted to try many of those available there that we haven’t tried before. The sales lady is young, at around mid- to late 20’s. She’s very accommodating and helped us choose our liquor. We ended up with a bottle of absinthe and some boxes of flavored cigars.

Lesson #1 for beating liquor ban: Look for a liquor store who has a young sales lady on duty. Do not buy from stores with elderly ladies behind the cashier because they’ll screw your vacation.

So, that’s how we beat liquor ban. Also, Serj was able to sneak a bottle of brandy past through the security of MRT.

Lesson #2 for beating liquor ban: Wrap a towel around a bottle of brandy or any liquor and place it in the middle-middle of your knapsack. Not at the middle-bottom and certainly not at the middle-top. Cover it with other clothes, especially underwear.

Brilliant! Now we have a bottle of brandy and a bottle of absinthe and lots of cigarettes and cigars too. This is some boozefest!

But before that, we got some pictures with Jollibee first 🙂



Only Serj and I dared to have a photo op with Jollibee hahaha. I think I want to put that photo up in facebook.

Now to stop being kids-starstruck-with-a-mascot to being kids-starstruck-with-alcohol…


…and TV addicts too! While enjoying our absinthe and pulutan of fried chicken, liempo, and nuts, we were watching PBB, GMA’s 20 years presentation, and some scary shit for Halloween.

And then,


Ka-blag! That’s what happens after downing a bottle of absinthe. It was funny, really. One moment we were talking and the next minute, I found Chisse and I were the only ones talking. Good thing we set those mats up early.

Soon, I was the only one left awake and I found myself twitting so that I could have something to do.


This is the culprit for those guys “sleepiness” (photo of which I took the morning after):


There’s nothing much done in the morning. We took a bath, got dressed, and then headed outside to buy some pasalubong. I bought only macapuno tarts since Colette’s ran out of buko pies (was that even possible really?). Then we got back home to fix our things and took some more last minute photos in front of the hobbit house. I don’t have these photos but I promise I’ll post it in my multiply site once Herbert and Chisse give it to me.

Then, again, we took the bus to get back to Pasay. It’s not as nice as the bus we took to get to Tagaytay but comfortable still. At least, I didn’t see any cockroaches roaming about. There’s a bit of heavy traffic along the way, though, brought about, perhaps, by the onslaught of people going to the precincts to vote. I got home at around 4:30 p.m. in Bulacan. And even then I was already missing the Tagaytay weather. Why can’t it be like that in Bulacan too? Hehe.

Now, maybe if I have that extra cash, I’d buy the house and lot for sale next to that hobbit house so I could have my own Tagaytay getaway place whenever I feel like escaping from a stressful life. Anybody who’d like to donate some cash? Or even a Tagaytay house? Hehehe.


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Absinthe 60% alchohol? That’s 10% from Isoprophyl alchohol! lolz.

masarap ba?

Comment by heneroso

to heneroso:

Yup, masarap siya! We mixed it with Sprite 🙂

Comment by Prudence

Halata kung sino ang tomador-a! Hehehe. Doctora Tomadora? LOLz.

Siguro mas marami lang laman ang tiyan mo kaysa sa kanila :p

Comment by Jon Limjap

to Jon Limjap:

As if those guys I was with aren’t tomador themselves! hahaha. I dunno, we ate and drank the same stuff. Maybe they’re just tired 🙂

Comment by Prudence

Nakakamiss ang bus na masikit! Bago lamang po dito. Napadaan.

Comment by isagani rx

Hi can you add me sa YM or email me how to commute to Tagaytay? I really wanna go there kaso wala akong car. Turuan mo rin ako how to go back to QC from Tagaytay!! Thanks!!!

Comment by Clai

“Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”…it’s good with redbull too.try’ll make your world go round and round and crazy.But i like your tagaytay time we’ll go there with my hobby.I’ll show him tagaygay and let him taste our bulalo soup.

Comment by Jinna

Ogag k pl,liquor ban nga eh…U shud understand their side,dpat nga magmulta p ung nagbenta s’yo ng alak…tanga k ksi,ayaw mo ilgay s tamang lugar at pnhon ang bisyo n’yo.mrmi tlgang psway n k2lad nyo, BOTTOMS-UP mga tomador…

Comment by angel_pakpak

Uy ,mga lintik kyo,gawin nyong mkbuluhan ang bakasyon nyo…non-sense article,yakkkkkkkiii

Comment by tabach

Hi, i just wanna ask where is Our Lady of Manaoag Church located in tagaytay? pls. email me. landmarks and location. thanks a lot! =p

Comment by Jelai

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