Prudence and Madness

A Roundup of Scary Stories
November 1, 2007, 10:28
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Say, it’s Halloween and it’s one of my favorite holidays, though here in the Philippines, we do celebrate it differently than how I would like it. I don’t know. I’m not that fond of scary shit but I just like that atmosphere of people talking about scary shit. I usually get scared easily, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I like gothic stuff, sometimes I don’t. It’s really strange, ’tis love for Halloween and all things scary.

So, in celebration of Halloween in this blog (since I’m bereft of my main blog due to its exceeded bandwidth limit error which I think is hacker-induced), I’m telling you some scary stories, two of which I have directly experienced myself, and the other one, I’ve been involved somehow. After all, most of us do get the kicks out of telling scary stories and making others jump out of their skins. Haha.
Let’s begin.

* * * * *

Spirit of the Glass

Back in the days when I was still an impressionable teen in high school, my friends and I, after a cheerleading practice, decided to have a game of “spirit of the glass” in one of the empty townhouses in the subdivision. I think we were around 8 people then and the sun was about to set.

I have forgotten how we started the game. All I remember was that we settled in the garage and seated ourselves in a circle, with our makeshift Ouija board in the middle. We weren’t taking it seriously really and were just asking some funny, pointless questions, mostly answerable by a yes or a no, like if we’re going to get married, or if one will win at the lottery.

But when we’ve decided to ask the board some really personal questions, which aren’t voiced out at all and the board began answering almost accurately, we all felt scared, perhaps because how could anyone know what the other person was thinking and know the answer to such a question? And questions that were asked were mostly of the kind that the only person who could answer it was the person who asked the question.

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