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Tagaytay Vacation and How We Beat Liquor Ban
October 30, 2007, 12:57
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It was last Sunday that my high school friends (my barkada) and I went to Tagaytay for our second vacation for the year. Though at first we’ve decided on going to Pundaquit, Zambales, there had to be a change of plans because of some work schedule restrictions. Maybe next year we can have a lengthier vacation in a more far-away place. But our Tagaytay trip, though it’s only near Manila, is still one of our most enjoyable ones.


And yes, it was another adventure because it will be my first time public commuting to Tagaytay. Feeling turista!

I thought it was going to be difficult, with us coming from Bulacan and then public commuting up to Tagaytay. Actually, it wasn’t. Add to that the fact that most people are just at home because of the upcoming Barangay Elections.

From Bulacan, we rode the FX (actually it’s a Revo) to MRT North EDSA station. We took the train and got off at the end of the line which is Taft station. At the foot of the stairs going down from the MRT platform, there’s a bus terminal. See? It’s easy, right? And what made things easier was that the bus stops right in front of the subdivision where the house where we’ll be staying is.

And another surprise for me: the bus fare going to Tagaytay from Pasay is only P73! Now why was that a surprise for me? Because the fare going to Bulacan from North EDSA MRT station is about P45 and that’s via the NLEX. Comparing the distance and time traveled, I thought the bus fare to Tagaytay would have been more than P100. And so it’s good news, right? Also the bus wasn’t the rickety type you see along EDSA. It was comfortable with good airconditioning and TV and the seats are CLEAN (no crawling creepy cockroaches!). My only regret at that time was that I forgot to bring my earphones. The movie didn’t play until we were more than halfway through our trip and the driver was playing oldies tunes. Continue reading