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Moderation is the Key
October 15, 2007, 17:21
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Author’s note: Okay, so my blogs in my own domain are down (account suspended) but I won’t let that hinder me from participating from Blog Action Day! So here we go…

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Recently there has been a lot of commotion and discussions going on about the real status of our environment. Some may argue that we’re going about the wrong way of protecting our environment by promoting extreme environmentalism but one just have to look at our surroundings and know that we ought to do something about man’s destruction of the environment. But it is also not correct to pursue all means of protecting the environment, while neglecting human progress. It’s a delicate balance, I guess, and we haven’t found the formula for it yet.

My belief in this is that we should exercise moderation. For example, I do not say that we stop using paper altogether, but rather we only be wary of indiscriminate use of it. Nor do we forego all plastic products, but rather we should be prudent in using these materials and not produce more than we could use.

Here are some other tips I’d like to share:

  1. Buy dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioners by bulk – I think we have the bad habit of buying economy sizes of products.  While it may seem cheaper that way because we spend only a little at a time, it’s actually cheaper to buy the bigger size available for that particular product, especially if the product is non-perishable.  Plus, doing so will minimize waste.  My mom was able to find someone in the market selling dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioners at a lower price if you buy it by bulk and by refilling a bottle.  You can just bring an empty bottle of that product or any empty plastic bottle and they’ll refill it.  I think this is a better practice since we can find another use for what may seem to be another useless, empty mineral water bottle.  At the same time, we can help lessen the demand for more dishwashing liquid stored in smaller plastic bottles.
  2. Ride a bike when you can to get to places – In my area, I think it would be better if more people use bicycles to get around, especially if you’re just running errands since it’s just a small town (city).  However, the problem is that everybody here owns a scooter or a small motorbike which they use for the sole purpose of bringing the kid to school (which is only a block away) or just buying vinegar from the nearest suking tindahan.  It’s bad enough that we have such air pollution due to the PUVs and private vehicles (not to mention the emissions from the jewelry-making industries) but the smoke emissions from the scooters are substantial too due to the sheer volume of scooters out on the street at any given time.  However, people aren’t encouraged much to use bicycles for transport because first of all, there are no bicycle lanes here.  I just don’t know how we’re going to go about it.  The main road used to get from the highway to the expressway is the busiest road but it’s too narrow that it can barely accomodate a two-way traffic.
  3. Keep the extra tissue papers you get when dining at fast food restos for future use – Whenever I eat out, I usually take the extra tissue papers and put it in my bag.  They may come in handy for wiping stains from shoes or clothes when you’re on the go.  Anyway, if you leave those tissues on the table when you leave the resto, they’ll just clean it up and trash it, even if you haven’t used it.  So I think it would be better if you put it into some use before you dunk it into the trash.  Also, if you’re eating out, don’t ask for too much tissue (I think I may be guilty of this, too, whenever I’m at a coffee shop) you know you’re not going to use.
  4. Use shopping bags as much as possible.  Stop indiscriminate use of plastic bags – Note the key word “indiscriminate”.  I didn’t say we must altogether stop using plastic bags.  They’re useful with our modern life.  However, most of the time we waste plastic bags for things we buy that don’t need it.  For example, you’re going to a bookstore to buy a pen and that’s all you’re buying.  After purchasing, the guy in the counter will put it in a small plastic bag and stick your receipt on it.  And you, after receiving it, will just put the plastic bag inside your bag or your pocket.  What function did the plastic bag serve then?  Nothing.  But it’s another waste added and it’s nonbiodegradable.  So, what am I trying to say?  Just use the plastic bags when you don’t have a bag of your own (or a shopping bag) to hold your purchases or if you’re only buying something that will need adequate storage such as food or something that might spill or stain.

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And sometimes we ask the baggers to double bag it. We shouldn’t do that anymore.

And only ask for enough catsup/salt/etc that we intend to consume. The unused end up as trash or clutter too. Or at least bring them home to use.

Comment by Em Dy

Better still, don’t bother with fabric conditioner. Waste of money.

Comment by katesaltfleet

I agree with ur points.. as I have said there must be a right combination of Innovation and protection.. Its not good to just protect the environment while neglecting the good thing which might be offered by the new techno’s… on the other hand, its not good also to set aside and take the environment.. for granted..

the right mix must be prcticed as soon as possible..

Comment by Peter

Did you know that plastic bags could be recycled into a durable messenger bag?

A little cutting, folding, ironing and sewing will do the trick.

Comment by myepinoy

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